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Dance Instructor
Company Choreographer

Misty has been trained in numerous genres of dance and gymnastics since a very young age. As a military child, she has danced in different dance studios around the country and in even in Japan. After graduating high school, she attended Southwestern Illinois College where she earned her Associate in Arts. While attending her first year of college, Misty started teaching dance at numerous studios and taught many different styles of dance. She transferred from Southwestern Illinois College and attended Lindenwood University – Belleville where she was also a member of their dance team. She helped her team become the first to attend Nationals in Daytona, FL. Since graduating from Lindenwood with her degree in Psychology, Misty has continued her passion for teaching dance. When she is not teaching dance, she works as a Co-Teacher in a preschool in St. Louis.

Misty White: About
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